InsurTechs are about to disrupt the insurance industry: Claims processes are digitalised, new insurance offers are developed and decision-making processes are optimised with the help of data analytics (e.g. database-supported disability assessment). InsurTech companies increase the transparency of insurance offers (and conditions), offer convenient digital administrative processes and more.

Here’s 7 promising start-ups from Germany: Young companies, no older than 7 years. Have fun browsing!


The start-up Wefox is one of the flagship start-ups in Germany: since a mega-financing round at the beginning of this year (May, 650 million EUR), it has already achieved unicorn status – six years after its founding!

The company offers the management of all insurance documents digitally, in one place. Claims notifications are also processed via wefox’s APP, including tracking of the processing status. The company is considered Europe’s #1 digital insurer, with over 1 000 employees.

Foundation in 2015. In Berlin. Website:


On the one hand, the start-up CLARK creates transparency about providers and tariffs – without any insurance agent. On the other hand, customers can use it to manage their insurance policies efficiently. Founded in 2015, the company already has 300,000 customers.

CLARK is independent. CLARK is a company of the Berlin-based company builder finleap. Incidentally, the start-up has the potential for unicorn status among industry insiders.

Foundation in 2015. In Frankfurt/Main. Website:


The start-up Claimsforce has already received the accolade of “100 fastest growing Startups in Germany” from GlassDollar. Its offering consists of software that allows insurance companies to process claims efficiently (in parts: automatically): And this from the assignment to a payer to the appraisal and evaluation.

The automation potential results from the data-driven approach: most claims are automatically scheduled (=allocated). The adjusters, in turn, are supported in calculation and reporting; in the process, the software ensures seamless coordination between policyholders, intermediaries and other third parties. Customers in particular are kept continuously informed about the processing status.

Foundation in 2018. In Hamburg. Webeite:

Here’s more on Claimsforce: InsurTech-founder Bastian Ebel from claimsforce on insurance 4.0


Start-up Covomo offers the “digital tools” to offer insurance. The offer is already used by 80% of the German broker market. In addition, there is an extensive comparison platform that offers more than 1,200 rates from over 100 insurance companies – making Covomo the largest comparison platform for product and special insurance in the German market.

Foundation in 2015. In Frankfurt. Website:


Did you know: Embedded insurance is a megatrend!? What is it? – Answer: The sale of insurance as a package with other products.

This market is the hometurf of the start-up : with the partner programme, every seller of bicycles, e-bikes, laptops or cameras becomes an insurance broker. But private customers can also insure valuables with just a few clicks. If you’re a bicycle owner, you can get insurance cover for a price from 2.50 per month.

In the Blanket app, these insurance policies can be managed in a straightforward manner. Damages such as theft, falls, accidents or vandalism are handled via a chatbot.

Das company is powered by ALLIANZ

Foundation in 2019. In Frankfurt. Website:


ELEMENT also addresses the market of embedded insurance products. The claim: “Our product platform and smart APIs empower you to integrate completely digital insurance solutions into your portfolio or product landscape. “ The focus of the white-label insurance products offered is on property and casualty.

Amongst its customers and partners: Sparkasse, 1×1, Volkswagen Financial Services, Signal Iduna, Vodafone. ELEMENT is the brainchild of the Berlin-based Company Builder finleap (once again).

Foundation in 2017. In Berlin. Website:


So-called financial lines are complex niche products that involve a high outlay with a low return – a challenge for insurers, as well as for brokers. This concerns: D&O, cyber and criminal law protection insurance, fidelity insurance, insurance for prospectus liability and W&I.

The start-up FINLEX offers a smart solution for this: an infrastructure platform for brokers and insurers where all processes can be handled digitally, with a high degree of flexibility for individual customer requirements: from questionnaire to enquiry, from cover order to policy and invoice, from business transaction to renewal. More than 200 industrial insurance brokers use FINLEX.

Foundation in 2015. In Frankfurt / Main. Website:

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