This year’s electronics trade fair in Las Vegas is – hardly surprising – all about AI: Numerous products with integrated AI will be presented, from social bots to smart refrigerators, televisions, etcetera. The trade fair for consumer electronics is also becoming more and more of a car show, and even aircraft manufacturers are becoming more and more present:

Hyundai presents its aircraft S-A2, car manufacturer Xpeng presents a flight capsule for two people, from Pivotal there is the single>seater on display. And Honda presented a concept vehicle from a new electric car series, Volkswagen announces that it will integrate ChatGPT into cars in the future – starting in Q2 2024, based on the “Cerence Chat Pro” program from technology partner Cerence.

In the following, I present a few products that show exciting trends in product development:

Transparent MicroLED – Samsung, LG

Samsung and LG present a screen with transparent LED. As an application scenario, one thinks, for example, of the use in shop windows, where presentation videos run and passers-by have a view into the showroom at the same time. Get an impression yourself:

Next Gen Holographic Technology: Holoconnects

Amazingly realistic holograms, literally “out of the box”. For readings, lectures, product presentations, conferences, meetings, performance acts and much more. Website: And here’s a demo:

The AI-driven mobile device Rabbit r1

How we interact with computer systems, AI assistants and the like in the future is currently undergoing a dynamic change: gesture control is gaining relevance for some application scenarios, the company Humane Ai Pin (Website: has recently received quite some media attention, and various companies entered the market with VR/AR glasses.

The provider Rabbit is preparing to make apps superfluous and is relying on AI-controlled devices. It’s about providing users with a more intuitive and conversational experience.

The Rabbit r1 is a standalone mobile device that runs on a “Large Action Model” (AI). R1 has a touchscreen, push-to-talk button, analog scroll wheel, microphones, speakers, and a rotating camera. It is also equipped with Bluetooth, WIFI and a SIM card slot.

How does it work? Press the button, then you can simply ask questions – about philosophy, stock prices, movies, whatever. The device responds with the voice, along with text and images on the screen. The device can also be connected to apps such as Spotify and Uber, which allows you to give commands to the device, such as playing a song or ordering a taxi. The device can also perform tasks that would otherwise require multiple apps, such as planning and booking a trip.

The r1’s camera is equipped with computer vision, which also allows you to create a recipe based on what the camera captures in the fridge. It can also edit documents when you point the device’s camera at your laptop.

Automatic charging and parking of cars in multi-storey car parks – VW & Bosch

As mentioned at the beginning, the automotive industry is having an increasing presence at CES. Volkswagen (with Cariad) and Bosch have also shown up at the CES: Here, visitors can experience how electric cars automatically drive to a charging station and recharge their batteries. After charging, the vehicles independently look for a free space in a multi-storey car park.

The companies see the idea as a solution to queueing / waiting times in front of the charging stations and blocking fees for drivers who do not drive their cars away quickly enough after the charging process is completed. The system, which vehicles use to automatically find a parking space in the parking garage, has been around for some time. It is already available in a multi-storey car park at Stuttgart Airport for consumers with suitably equipped cars.

Smart Rings

Smart watches have already established themselves. A new product category with a growing presence: Smart Rings. Dcare Ring (Website: can be used to monitor various vital parameters, such as heart rate, sleep status, blood oxygen saturation, skin and body temperature.

With a Lotus Ring (Website:, TVs, lights and the like can be controlled remotely – an enrichment especially for seniors and people with physical limitations. Watch yourself:


The author is a manager in the software industry with international expertise: Authorized officer at one of the large consulting firms - Responsible for setting up an IT development center at the Bangalore offshore location - Director M&A at a software company in Berlin.