Der Anspruch des „Best Of“ ist sicherlich etwas zu hoch gegriffen, so weit will ich mich nicht aus dem Fenster lehnen. Vielmehr geht’s darum, zur Einstimmung auf die Adventszeit und auf die Weihnachtstage ein paar visuelle Impulse von Midjourney.AI zu bekommen.

Die Prompt Engineers habe ich im Übrigen nachfolgend Artist tituliert; „Engineer“ klingt sehr technisch, „Artist“ mehr weihnachtlich.

Viel Spaß beim Durchscrollen!

Artist: nikki2771
Prompt: Design a charming Christmas village with quaint houses, bustling streets, and a central town square. Decorate the scene with festive lights, a towering Christmas tree, and joyful townspeople engaged in various holiday activities

Artist: intoward
Prompt: Isometric Macrophotography of a snowy Christmas town at might made of candy with cozy lighting with lots of colors

Artist: azusa.ise
Prompt: Stop-motion animation , Christmas market, Christmas tree,various colored buildings sit on top of a mount, precise and lifelike, spectacular backdrops, assemblage pieces, impressionistic colorplay, colorful shaped houses piled up, many cobbled streets, 8k,3D, Towns like Lisbon

Artist: Miauyink
Prompt: The pure white snowflakes sparkled in the sunlight, track photography, abstract expressionism, 4K, high resolution ,vibrant colors, art design, low view, Hyper-realistic, detailed light and shadow, cinematic, ultra realism, 32k

Artist: melmattersjourney
Prompt: Aerial and ground fantasy art illustration of dreamy kingdom, magical forest, christmas winter wonderland, wide angle close-up, circumpolar, spiritual atmosphere, sunrays, shiny lights, shiny colors, magical nature, 8k

Artist: Kiraonearth
Prompt: A Roe Deer live in the cabin in the village, in the winter

Artist: .huzzen
Prompt: Design the 3D nativity scene with baby Jesus in the manger, surrounded by Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men

Artist: AlexNP
Prompt: Nativity Of Jesus With Comet Star – Scene With The Holy Family In Snowy Night And Starry Sky – Abstract Defocused Background

Artist: clara_cretu
Prompt: Nativity scene, jesus in a manger of straws with mother mary in a stable, a star in the window beaming a light on the manger, farm animals, 3 shepherds, mosaic tile

Artist: afdemy
Prompt: In the heart of California, a room with high ceiling windows reveals a stunning landscape. A luxury bed occupies the left, and a coffee table displays a cup of coffee beside two unlit candles. Next to the bed, a fireplace emanates warmth, while a covered couch completes the setting. A Christmas tree, surrounded by gifts, introduces bright California hues

Artist: deepambient1
Prompt: Christmas in the living room with a fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree, children playing with their toys

Artist: xiaowinterg
Prompt: Evening, rainy days, large living room, large skylight, stairs, sofa, fireplace, TV, large floor-to-ceiling windows, warm, ultra-high definition glass creates the feeling of atmospheric ultra-high definition. Real time shooting, ultra-high definition

Artist: syutkinsss
Prompt: The North Pole, where Santa Claus and his magical helpers live. storybook illustration


Artist: blindsinglemom
Prompt: Santa’s workshop at night. A wooden castle with warm, through, windows. Snow, pine, flank, Photorealistic, high

Artist: guangxihaohao001
Prompt: An old photo of a santa claus with a hat and snowflakes, in the style of calligraphy-inspired, chromatic joy, fay helfer, cute cartoonish designs, tom of finland, #vfxfriday, airbrush art

Artist: scribbletronics
Prompt: A typical Australian Christmas

Artist: ghostbigred
Prompt: Joe cool santa

Artist: overpattiejb4300
Prompt: The white elk stood sideways and looked at the little girl. The girl was wearing a hat, with a Christmas atmosphere and a white tone. A full moon hung in the sky, and the cedar trees were covered in white snow. It was realistic and beautiful, with a 3D effect and ultra clear image quality. At 9:16

Artist: edris_2593
Prompt: Christmas tree, watercolor digital clipart

Artist: barbs1812
Prompt: A glass of wine on the beaufitul decorated table, it’s a xmass party and everything is in this decor. the galss is the center of the photo. make background also visible and authentic. realistic photography. 8k


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